Monday, August 6, 2007

Can I Have To Many Links Pointing to My Site?

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Using links as a practice to get your website positioned higher on the search engines is a positive thing. Many website owner ask the question, do I really need to get alot of links? What is the threshold of the number of links? Link promotion is the use of links to build up traffic to the site as well as to magnify your position on the search engines. Links and search engine ranking go together. With links you will not find your site moving up on the search engine pages. If you want to increase your search engine ranking, work on it getting links. That is it get links.

How many and what kind?

There is no one hundred percent concrete set figure. It's not having ten or twenty or trying to get to a 100. Its about having the correct type of links coming to your website. For example, you will need to understand about both reciprocal links and also links that point from other sites to yours these are called one way links. One way links produce traffic to your site without having the visitors click away with additional links on the site. Swapping links, when arranged correctly and applied in the right overall manner can help as well.

Beyond this, you will want to work with having good theme based links. The links should be related in some way to your website. For many this will mean finding webmasters that offers similar, but should not have the same information as on your site.

As for how many links you should have pointing to your internet site, the correct figure to go with is as many as possible. Be sure that the links are of great, well researched links, so they are not poor links. Poor links are those that are pointing to your site from a different theme site than yours. Make sure they accommodate for both reciprocal and links that are one way. Use them in the approved manner and you will see your business florish.
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