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More Site Traffic

Hits are an essential part to all websites, without hits there would be no purpose to have a website as no one would be viewing it. What has been determined is that every site needs hits, but no one really knows how to generate site traffic, and hits. It took myself a very long time to understand how traffic worked, and how generating traffic was a very essential part to any website. I didn't quite know where to start, and fumbled around with different ideas, until I finally put together a balance of different techniques to bring large amounts of traffic into my websites. Luckily, you won't have to go through the same pursuits as I've put together some techniques for you too try, you just need to find your balance of these techniques.

Search Engines

Search engines are a very important part of traffic, 50% of most sites traffic is generated by search engines, so understanding Search Engine Optimization is incredibly important. There are a couple of ways to approach this, you can let your site get picked up by search spiders and listed in search engines, or you can manually submit your site through search engine submitters, this is usually the quicker way, but without using proper Meta Tags, and search keywords it means nothing. Meta tags are used to tell the search engines about your site and some information about them can be found here:

Link Exchange

Link exchanges are a very well known technique and can take a very long time to build up. A link exchange is where one site links to you, and in turn, you link to them. This greatly increases your rank in search engines as they love the clickthroughs from other webpages. Some programs state to automate this for you, but this doesn't do half the jab as if you were to do it yourself.


Believe it or not, writing articles is one of the best ways to generate non-stop traffic, in fact, this is one of the best ways to generate traffic to your site, and probably one of the easiest if you don't mind sitting down and doing some typing. Basicly, your write about something that you know, sign your name, and website URL at the bottom of the article and post them to submission sites for people to read. Here are just a few that you can submit them too.

There are many, many more, just look :).


Although costly at times, adwords is Googles creation, and that word alone should tell you that it's worth it. Google is taking over the world, so why not advertise with them :). Basicly, you design a ad companion with your site, description of the site, and keywords related to your site, you determine how much you want to spend when anyone clicks on your ads. Then when someone searches one of your keywords, your ad will appear to the right of the searches, and whenever someone clicks on your add, your account is debited whatever click through price you determine. It's great for those who have the money to spend on ad campaigns.

Auto Surfing

This is more or less a poor mans, or womens, way of gaining traffic, you more or less signup for an account, you are given a surf URL, and in some cases a referral URL. When you use your surf URL to automatically search members site, you received credits that go towards hits to your sites. This is good for insta-traffic, but is definitely not targetted. If you are really interested in them, I have provided a few below.

Good Luck Everyone!
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