Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Solving Your Blog Traffic Troubles When Starting an Online Business

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Having a blog is one of the essential features of owning an online business. If you are just starting an online business, usually you are concerned about how much money it's going to cost you to run your business. Blogging is one free way that you can advertise quickly and effectively, so you don't want to go without.

Once you have set up a free blog through Blogger or Wordpress, you are on your own to create content for your blog. Creating quality content becomes very important if you want to drive traffic to your blog.

Of course the reason you want traffic is because you want to advertise your products and services that you may offer on your website. Another reason to drive traffic to your blog when starting an online business is that you want visitors, and you want repeat visitors.

If your website visitors are exposed to your offers multiple times, chances are more likely that they will come to know, trust, and respect you. It often takes more than one visit before people will consider buying from you, but it's your quality content that will catch their attention in the first place and establish that trust and respect before they buy.

A good way to get repeat visitors is to use RSS on your blog so that visitors can subscribe to your blog and see updates as they happen. Even after that, and some good quality content, it is still often a challenge when starting an online business to get traffic to your blog.

One way to solve this problem is by signing up for blog traffic exchanges that are much like regular traffic exchanges that display your links based on a credit system. For example, you can sign up for Blog Soldiers and everyone who uses the system will get a chance to read your blog when they surf for credits.

A more effective way to build up your blog traffic when starting an online business would be to get involved with blog circles - a network of other bloggers. If you are at all familiar with the new social bookmarking trend in internet marketing, then getting involved in a blog network is very similar.

The idea in social bookmarking is to connect with others online who are also starting an online business, for example. You can publicly bookmark other's posts and everyone can access not only your posts but those you've bookmarked. By commenting on other's posts, you create a ton of new traffic to your site.

A blog network is much the same, where you read content that you are interested in under a common blog category and links are shared within the network by other bloggers. This is much like commenting on a blog and leaving your link at the end for others to access. This creates a whole new wave of traffic to your site, in addition to your other advertising efforts.

Not only can you get more traffic by joining a blog network, but if you want you can even make some money at it depending what network you join. If you do a Google search for "blog networks" you will see the different kinds you can get involved with.

Starting an online business can be intimidating, but if you use free advertising methods like blogging to build your traffic with good quality content, then you will find that other bloggers will want to link to you. Once you're in a network of blog links, you are sure to see your traffic and earnings rise!

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