Friday, August 3, 2007

What Is a Link Bidding Web Directory?

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The concept of bidding on links in a directory is pretty new. Basically a Link Bidding Directory allows a site owner to place a bid normaly at the minuim starting price of $1.00 and if the webmaster places the highest bid their website will be ranked number one on the main page of the Link Bidding Directory and also in the catagory the webmaster has selected to have their website listed in.

Webmasters can bid any amount desired to determine their website position in the Link Bidding Directory but depending on how much you bid will determine your overall website ranking.

Normally a Link Bidding Directory will display the first 10 highest bids on it's home page and Links in the directory are permanent and sorted into related categories, displayed in descending order of the bid amount.

A Link Bidding Directory is also a 100% human edited web directory of quality, family-friendly, and spam-free sites organized via a comprehensive category structure.

By submitting your website to a Link Bidding Directory you will increase the number of links pointing to your website which will give you a better search engine rank, and also bring more visitors to your site, plus it will also increase your Google PageRank and improve your site's overall site strength.

What you should look for in a Link Bidding Directory before submitting your website and placing a link bid is what is the Google Pagerank of the directory and what will it cost you to get on the home page of the directory.

If the directory has a google Pagerank of 3-4 and you can get your website listed on the home page for under $10 then that is a great deal because your link could remain on the home page for 2-4 months and you will get people clicking on your link and you will also get a share of the PR of the directory in the next Google pagerank update.

But if the directory happens to have a Google Pagerank of 5+ you can expect to pay $20 plus to get your website listed on the home page of the directory, but you need to remember your link could be there for 2-4 months so paying $20 to get your website listed on the home page of a PR5 directory is well worth the investment.

If you need a list of Link Bidding Directories then you can go to and typin the following keywords that will return many Link Bidding Directories you can check out.

Link Bidding Directory
Bid On Links
Link Bidding
Bid Directory
Bid On Links Directory

Another great thing about Link Bidding Directories is that if your website gets out bidded and you no longer are listed on the home page of the directory you can increase your bid and you will thus be listed on the home page once more.

So overall paying for a link on a Link Bidding Directory can well be worth the investment and with the number of Link Bidding Directories coming out each day you have an endless source of new places to get cheap links pointing back to your website.

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