Thursday, January 31, 2008

How to Begin Search Engine Opmization in 15 Minutes

Have a great story to tell? An incredible show to put on and to let people know about it? How about showcasing your vocal skills?

Let the modern Platinum child theme take the back seat while you take the stage. It's your time to shine.

Are you ready to hear something unbelievable? It's not that hard to get website traffic from search engines. All you need to do is follow a certain guidelines from major search engines like Google and follow some of my tips here.

Here are some of my blogging tips for you:

1) Don't pay a company to submit your website to search engines using an automated procedure because this technique often fails; search engines often ignore these submissions. In fact: Website Submission does not work anymore. You should submit your site to these search engines and directories yourself, or pay someone to manually submit your site. You can also look into search engine advertising (using advertising programs like Google AdWord). Yes it costs money but it ensures placement of your business name and website link in a visible position on the search engine page.

2) To optimize your search engine ranking (you want to be in the top 10 and preferably the top five), you must understand how your customers think and want. What does he/she know about your product or service? What keywords will he/she be most likely to type into a search engine? Get to know your current and potential customers so you can answer these questions.

3) Learn more about search engine optimization, even if you plan to work with a web designer. You can find free resources online or buy a book so you can dig into the methodology, find many useful tips about keyword searches and design your keyword references and tags to satisfy the most common words people use to search for your products.

4) Don't think your work is done after you manually submitted your site to search engines. The fact is, you have just begun! Website success takes time and effort. Even if you are recognized by a search engine, and your ranking is high one day or during a given week, it may slip the following week because of new sites or because your competition changes its site to get a better ranking. You must continually monitor your rankings. That's one of the keys to better search engine rankings

5) When you are looking at your website and deciding where to use keywords, keep in mind that you can use keywords in graphics ALT tag, but they must be in captions or in the file title, and not embedded under a graphic as a false lead. Of course, don't bother creating a picture or graphic that contains a word (animated or static). The search engines can't index words that appear inside pictures.

That's it! Here are some of my tips to better search engine optimization. Read this article again, apply them and you will see your website rocket through the roof!

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