Friday, February 22, 2008

Blog Tips

There's a fine line between a note scribbled on a page, and a fully-formed, powerful idea. The Scribble Theme captures both sides of that line, and frames your work in it.

Scribble Child Theme combines the classic and the hand-made, to provide a unique template for your photos, text, and video. We know there's a scribbler in you, now you've got your theme...

The trick here is to pick a niche topic that is very popular, then we help you set up a blog to contain your posts. It's a good idea to post four or five short news articles on your blog every day (you can find many by just doing a search on the internet). Once your blog is up and running, we then show you how to have ads automatically generated from the topics you post. These ads will link to relevant affiliate products.

This is a brand new money making opportunity developing on the internet as we write this. It's an opportunity that a few smart, tech savvy people have been secretly using for at least 7 years but for most internet users it is still a mystery.

This opportunity is not really about a new technology at all. Rather, it is a faster, simpler and easier way for people to find the exact information they are looking for on the internet.

These are Blogs and in the very near future Blogs will take over the internet and become as commonplace and widely uses as search engines are today. People that understand and start creating Blogs now will be the ones that cash in on the coming Gold Rush as the masses of internet users begin to use them on a regular basis.

Blog stands for Web Log. (weB LOG - get it?) It is basically a journal that other internet users can read on the web.

Generally, postings on a blog are arranged in chronological order with the most recent addition displayed first.

When you update your blog, it is called "blogging" and the person who maintains a blog is called a "blogger."

Blogs are usually tightly focused on a very specific topic and that makes them user friendly to internet users. Instead of searching through pages of search engine listings looking for the updated information about their desired topics, they can visit your blog. Once there, they can click on ads of relevance, thus generating you income day after day!

Hope that helps.


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