Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Make Money Online With PayPerPost

I have submitted Blog Instructor at payperpost awhile ago, and 1 hour later, I received a notification that I have been accepted. This is good news because I can already start monetizing Blog Instructor.

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I have submitted some other blogs in the past and the approval usually took me about 2-3 days. I'm glad that PPP expedited the review and approval process.

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Why PayPerPost?

You might be asking, why PayPerPost. Well, I know that there are lots of review sites in the Blogosphere but I decided to use PPP for several reasons.

  1. PayPerPost is managed by IZEA, which is a trusted company online. I have had some experience in the past where I wasn't paid by some review sites despite the fact that I have complied with all their requirements. Nowadays, it's always good to be skeptical. It's always safe to go for established names and companies.
  2. PayPerPost has a huge selection of products to reviews. With other review sites, there are a few selection of opportunities, which makes your review limited. This might also affect the quality of your blog because you don't have options and alternatives to choose from. With PPP, I'm sure that you'll find something interesting that will suit your niche.
  3. PayPerPost has a high and fast approval rate. Compared to other review site, the opportunity to monetize your blog is difficult because you need to bid. This is an inefficient way to monetize your blog. With PPP, you are already given some product to review even when your blog was just approved.

These are only a few of the many reasons why I decided to join PayPerPost.

Where Will I Spend The Revenue?

All the generated revenue from this blog will be donated to XianYuan Children Home. XianYuan Children Home is an orphanage center located here in Chengdu City, People's Republic of China. The orphanage lacks financing as the growing number of orphans accommodated is growing on a daily basis. The Chinese Government hasn't invested enough money to support this orphanage and they needed all the support we can give.

10% of my monthly salary goes straight to the Orphanage but it does very little in helping the center. I am still soliciting help from my friends but the feedback is not as good as I expected it to be. I then thought of PPP as I've done reviews before and received my payment.

I'll blog about my earnings and what the revenue generated by this blog from PPP has done to the orphanage center.

I'm just glad that PPP approve Blog Instructor.

You too can join PPP and start making money from your reviews.

Thank you for your time. Happy blogging everyone! :D

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