Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Methods That Many Scam Websites Use To Trick Their Visitor

Don't get scammed. Here are some methods that scammers use to trick their visitors. After reading this post, I hope you bear this in mind and spare yourself from being scammed.

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Everywhere you look today in the Internet, you see offers and ads from websites that claim will make you rich. They are everywhere, it almost seems to be a plague. If their numbers are that great, than it can only mean that the number of victims are just as much. If there weren't that many victims for them, they wouldn't have such a great number and those websites would have long shut down. The fact is, those websites use a great deal of methods and techniques to trick their victims. Unprepared visitors to those websites, turn into victims at an alarming rate. But it isn't the victim's fault for getting tricked. It is just that those websites use quite a few psychological methods to confuse their visitors.

Based on my years of experience in this field, I will explain some of the techniques and methods that those websites use, in order to trick the unsuspecting visitor. One of the methods that those websites use, is using pictures, and fake pictures of money accounts. They try to entice their visitors by placing pictures of their accounts, which contain a huge amount of money. They claim that they made all that money by using the methods or products that they are trying to sell to their visitor. They may sometimes show visitors that they were able to make hundreds of thousands each month. They do this to get their visitors excited.

When some people look at how much someone else is earning using one method, they themselves believe that they will also be able to make just as much, or even more if they used the same method. This is a psychological attack that those websites use to bring out people's greed. This will lead to those people believing or wanting to believe that the product will work for them. Although this method doesn't work on everyone, it does work on quite a few people. What many people don't realize, is that many of those websites will create a fake picture of their accounts. With the graphic softwares available today, creating your own or editing a picture is fairly simple, which contributes to this methods widespread use.

Another method that almost all of those websites uses, is using testimonials. They will usually place those testimonials at the front page of their website to gain more attention. Testimonials are letters or signs of approval from other users who have bought the program and are successful because of it. This method places a sense of calmness in the visitor, and makes them even more willing to buy the product. The problem is that most websites misuse this. A testimonial can be easily created by anyone. Many websites create their own testimonial and trick visitors by placing someone else's name on it. They will also place a different location for each one, and many will use locations from around the world, such as Kenya, China or even Cuba. They use these locations to give their visitors the feeling that their product can work for them no matter where they are.

It is difficult to determine whether or not a testimonial is real or not. But a mistake by many of those amatuers does make spotting those fake testimonials easier. Most amateur use only one or two short sentences in their testimonials. Although it doesn't actually confirm that it is a fake, it does show that it has a high probability of being a fake. If that program really did make those people a lot of money and change their lives, they wouldn't have just written a short testimonial thanking that website.

Another method that many of those websites use, is free gifts and promotions. This method has really become so popular that almost every websites are offering them nowadays. Most of these websites will claim that if you were to act quickly and buy from them now, you would get a huge discount. Many will even claim that you would get a 50% discount. They use this method to give people a sense of urgency in buying their product. The thing that many people don't realize, is that most, if not all of these offers are just decorations there that are meant to entice them. Almost all of the websites will claim that the offer is only valid for the next 50 people or it will only last until the end of the day. But the truth is that those so called discounts will still be there even after six months.

Another method those websites use along with the discount method is the free gift method. Often enough, many websites will throw in a couple or more of free gifts. They will claim that the product
you are getting is worth ten times the amount you are actually paying. This again is to give their visitors the urgency to buy. But many people also don't realize that most free gifts a products that the website have created themselves, or products that has very little value. In worse cases, many people never did receive their free gifts. The websites will claim that their stock has just finished, or they will just ignore you completely.

Although there are other methods and techniques that those scam websites uses, these are the most popular and the easiest to detect for a visitor. Using just one method alone will not bring those websites a high amount of victims. But using all of these methods can sometimes produce shocking results. The best way for not becoming a victim to those websites is to learn and understand the methods they use as well as understanding how people really make money in the Internet, and the real methods that work.

Thank you for your time and your comments are most welcome.

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