Saturday, July 26, 2008

Thesis Premium Wordpress Theme

Looking for a good Premium Wordpress Theme for your blog? I've got a recommendation to make... try Thesis Premium Wordpress Theme.

What's Thesis Premium Wordpress Theme?

Thesis Theme is the best Wordpress theme optimized for search engines. You should know that search engines are the best sources of traffic online. According to studies, traffic from search engines are the best to monetize. Hence, it is important that you consider search engine optimization in your blog. The best way to start optimizing your blog for search engine is to start it with your Wordpress theme.

If you are wondering why you get little traffic from search engines despite the many posts you've already published... then it's about time you check on your Wordpress theme. The problem is probably with your "UNOPTIMIZED" Wordpress theme and if you don't act now, you'll be losing tons and tons of traffic.

I'm a satisfied user of Thesis Wordpress Theme designed by the Wordpress Theme god... Chris Pearson. I'm also confidently recommending it to anyone who want to buy the best SEO'd Wodpress Theme. My index rate with Google (number of page indexed by Google) has increase since I've used Thesis. Right after using Thesis Wordpress Theme, the number of pages indexed by Google go up to over 70 from 21 pages.

Why Thesis Wordpress Theme?

1. Thesis Wordpress Theme is the best Search Engine Optimized Wordpress Theme.
2. Lifetime upgrade and support. (No additional payment necessary to access the updated version.)
3. Thesis Wordpress Theme doesn't require you to be knowledgeable to html, css and php. Anyone from code geeks to newbees can actually use it.
4. Easy customization.
5. Helpful Support community.
6. Elegant design.
7. Publish like a PRO with its styling features.
8. Exciting future updates. (You can even suggest what you want to see in the coming updates).
8. Of course, it's another work of Chris Pearson so expect only the best.

What are you waiting for? Head over to Thesis Wordpress Theme and grab yourself a copy....

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