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Ethics: What Produces Human Fulfillment?

One of the most important questions to ask ourselves in this life is: What produces ultimate and genuine human fulfillment? I think to answer that question effectively one has to take a moment to reflect upon what does not give fulfillment. Our society has placed such a value on money, even over the importance of relationships, that most of us have a shallow view of the potential of our ability to connect with others on a deeply personal and communicatively intimate level.

Which leads me to my thesis statement about how humans find fulfillment. I believe it is two things: relationships and achieving our goals. For those that are not goal orientated, I would lean towards relationships and contentment. Relationships are important because they give us connection, love, romance, friendship, and a person with whom to share our lives with--if we are blessed to have one. Married couples, I believe, enjoy laughter, romance, spending time together, and even debating on a daily basis. I am reminded of the scripture in the Book of Proverbs that states: "Iron sharpens iron." When we learn to live with someone who at times can be very difficult or unlovable, we get a true picture of what agape, or unconditional love is all about.

When I love my wife when she gets angry, for example, I become a living model of Christ to her. I feel like more than a conqueror when I am able to stay in the spirit, when my wife goes into the flesh mode. One time, in particular, my wife said something very inappropriate at me in front of a slew of people. I said: "I love you." She broke down crying. I was the victor because I surrendered to the spirit of God within me. Thus relationships,goal-achievement, contentment, and please allow me to add one more--submission to the Holy Spirit, are paramount to a satisfying life.

While thinking of those things aforementioned, I would now like to delve into the meaning of life. I believe the achievement of a pleasing relationship is attainable and of utmost importance to all mankind. When I think about the concept of giving, it is important to have someone to share the inner workings of your heart and soul with. For example, I know that I can talk to my wife about anything and everything. I even do funny things with her that I cannot do, and would not dare do, with anyone else. Without a person to sort of let your hair down with, be yourself and get real, we are dead in the water. Why? We were made to connect. It's hard to explain. The best example would probably be the commitment within marriage. We choose to love. That choice is a big deal in my life, because I know my wife knows she can count on me and that means the world to me inside my heart. I know I can count on him too. This is the key to life for me, and quite possibly for many other happily married couples.

When a person achieves their goals, in the area of careers, dreams, and spiritual growth, they are truly experiencing the meaning of life. When a woman or man achieves their career goal, to be promoted to the highest office or objective, they may truly feel great about themselves. Much respect may come about as a result of it. Deeper still though, when one is blessed enough to be a Christian leader in the corporate realm, we have a responsibility to serve our clients as Jesus himself would have. That entails looking and caring for people's hearts, and not just their pocketbooks or immediate needs. If a person is fortunate enough to see their dreams come true, that is the ultimate in fulfillment. I once heard an actor say: "I'm lucky enough to do what I love." I believe many of us would experience much joy to do what we love, or to finish the call of God on our life. None of the above goals can take place without spiritual growth. None.

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