Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Positive Thinking Is A Powerful Tool

Positive thinking is one of those intangible ideas that doesn't work for everyone - i.e. not everyone is taking advantage of this powerful tool in their lives. Some people just have to be negative in their lives or they are not happy. Try being in a positive frame of mind, and you must do it everyday, not just once a week. People who do try to be more upbeat and happy tend to lead more productive lives.

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The Law of Attraction is often associated with positive thinking. You attract those values and feelings that you send out into the universe. So if you spend your life being negative and mean to other people around you, that is what you will get back. Feelings of depression and isolation usually are good signs of how you live your life. If you don't make an effort to attract good fortune into your life, and not just money, but good will and love, you won't ever have the chance to enjoy all that your life has to offer you.

A good example of this is hating your job and thinking your coworkers are all idiots. This leads to a negative though process and now you hate going t work every day. The stress will start to eat away at your subconsciously. You may get sick or feel depressed. Start every day by looking in the mirror and telling yourself that you will have a good day and you will do your best today. Be your most positive self and watch the change all around you. When you are blind because you are so negative, you miss opportunities to better your situation. But because you are too busy wallowing in self pity, you never see that door open that will lead up the ladder of success.

Goal setting weighs heavy on positive thinking. You set a goal to return to school after being out for ten years or more. The more you sit and think that you can't do it, it costs to much money, or you probably wouldn't be able to keep up all keep you from attaining your goal. Thinking positively will help you through some of the rough spots. Believing in yourself and your abilities will keep you on the right track. It is tough sometimes to be the oldest one in the college class, but you will shine as a n example to others that it can be done no matter how old you are. You set your goal and you kept plugging away until you achieved it.

Many people don't like to set goals for a number of reasons. These include lacking to vision to see attaining the goal, fear of attaining the goal, and not being able to forgive other people for the way we are. Make sure you can see the steps involved in attaining your goal. Take small steps if you have to, but know where you will end up. As they say, the journey begins with the first step. If you are fearful of attaining the goal, talk with others in the same position who have attained the success you are after. These can be some of your best resources. Forgive yourself for blaming everyone else for your problems when in reality, you brought them on yourself. This one is the hardest. Give yourself time to work through each of these and bring forth a new meaning to your life.

The subconscious mind is an all powerful stepping stone to positive thinking. There are things in your subconscious mind that you are not even aware of being there. The subconscious mind is usually receptive to the free flowing thoughts from your conscious mind. Keep these thoughts happy, carefree, tranquil, and upbeat to keep your spirit in harmony and in good cheer. Keeping negative thoughts only adds to stress, illness, and the end of some relationships. Even when you are sick and don't feel well, tell yourself that you are healthy and vibrant. Don't let dark thoughts invade this time. Erase worries and problems and spend time meditating on feeling better.

Once you teach yourself to be optimistic, it will take over all by itself. You will get up every morning and be ready to face the day with a new vigor. You will attract good fortune and people who want good fortune as well. Your subconscious mind will be sending happy thoughts to your conscious mind and you will feel refreshed and ready to hit the floor running. Any goals you are trying to attain will seem a little closer each day and not as hard to accomplish or reach.

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About the Author:Stephen C Campbell (Master NLP Practitioner) has published more information on using the Subconscious as a Goal Setting tool at


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