Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Does Website Title Affects Traffic?

Does website title affects traffic? What's with a title and how does it affects traffic to a blog?

Many people do not realize just how important the title of their website really is.

If you're surfing the Internet for something specific you're going to go with the title that catches your eye, therefore if you're making your own website you want to make sure you have that eye-catching title.

The title is what attracts people to your website and tells them exactly what you have. It needs to also be a good title that will rank high in the search engines, this way your website will pop up more often than others when searched.

You need to take time and consider the title in all its entirety. You want to be sure the title tells your prospective clients, exactly what you can offer them while at the same time making it Web friendly for the search engines.

You don't make your website title just the name of your company because that will not tell people what you can offer them or entice them to clicking on your website.

Take for instance if you're looking for discounted pet food and you come across a site called Joe's pet shop, chances are you won't click on that website. You'll click on a website that says in the name, discountedpetfoods as it tells you exactly the product are looking for is what they carry.

When picking the title for your website you want to keep in mind that you should use relevant keywords. Keywords are the words that are used in when someone does a search with a search engine.

For instance if your looking for discounted dog food, you're not going to type in Joe's pet shop to do your search. The key word for that would be, discounted dog food.

It is also important to put your keywords the beginning of your title which will help it to be pulled for higher rankings in search engines. Some people even consider putting in the main keyword twice.

That can be a little tricky to do as you don't want to sound redundant but it is possible to do it. You can say, discounted dog food-the best discounted dog food on the net. It sounds more as a statement instead of sounding repetitious and each key word in there twice.

You and make sure that your title is persuasive and gets your prospects to click on your link. The less persuasive your title is the less traffic you will have. It is important to try to say your main points in 65 characters or less.

Search engines generally have a limit on the length of the title that shows in their search engine results.

Google only displays the first 60 to 66 characters so you can see why it is important to get your main point across is little space as possible.

Try to keep your secondary keywords out of your title. These can be used on your main page with ease so save your title for what is really important.

Try to keep the website title short but to the point. You don't want to over stuff it with repeated keywords, making is sound plumped up and desperate.

Now that you know one of the importance of titles, don't forget to invest some of your time to put a title on your pages.

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Thanks for you time and happy blogging. :D

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