Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What's A Social Affiliate Program?

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While I’ve written several articles on the role of affiliate revenue programs I haven’t broached the topic in the way I will be in this article.

A growing trend for non-profit or socially conscious websites is to manage affiliate programs to help spread awareness of their individual cause and provide ways for visitors to lend a hand.

These affiliate ‘cause’ programs allow businesses to tap into any strong feelings they may have about corporate responsibility and being able to give back.

Since these organizations do not compensate businesses for running their affiliate link they can simply appeal to the good nature of the business owner and many have found remarkable success in doing so. Let’s take a look at a few.

The Hunger Site – This is an ad supported site that has provided half a billion cups of food for individuals in need around the world. Visitors click a link and they are able to provide a predetermined amount of food per daily click.

Hunger Fighters – This is a similar program to that described above.

The Breast Cancer Site – This site is ad supported and features items for sale that support breast cancer survivors. The advertising allows visitors to click to provide free assistance to at risk women in need of mammograms.

The Child Health Site – As with the programs listed above a single click provides children with free immunizations to prevent childhood disease. It also features a store that further aids in assisting children.

The Literacy Site – One click here helps pay for books to assist children in learning how to read. Hundreds of thousands of books have been made available through this charity related program.

The Rainforest Site – Environmentalists appreciate this site because it works to preserve rainforest land. Thousands of acres of rainforest have been purchased for conservation efforts through this program.

The Animal Rescue Site – This site appeals to animal lovers worldwide. Visitors have made more than one hundred million bowls of pet food available to sheltered pets since the program started.

The Bible Site – This site allowed visitors to have a hand in providing bibles to people around the world. Roughly 100,000 bibles have been made available through this program.

In each case individuals can provide a secure online gift to extend the work of any of these efforts even further. In virtually every case visitors can become affiliates by placing a button on their personal or business sites to draw attention to a program that fits with either their personality or business principles.

Interestingly only The Bible Site is strictly a non-profit venture. In all other cases businesses have seen that paying attention to the concerns of others has meant the possibility to develop a business. This is the same appeal they make to other businesses.

With the enormous success of these sites it is often easy to link to them with confidence and the knowledge that your link may help allow charitable work to expand.

In virtually all cases there will also be links on how to provide a financial gift directly to a charitable organization of choice.

Social marketing does have its rewards – sometimes those rewarded are the ones who most need the help.

Again, thank you for your time. Happy Blogging! :D

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